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Elizabeth Selby Infants' School



Miss Elizabeth Selby


Our school is called

“Elizabeth Selby Infant School”. 


It was named after a very special head teacher, Miss Elizabeth Selby.

Miss Selby was the head teacher of this school from 1975 to 1986.


It had a different name then.  It was called, “Lawdale Infants”.


Miss Selby loved working here and worked very hard to make sure all the children were happy and learnt well.



Sadly, Miss Selby died in 1986 after being ill for two years.


It was a very sad time for the school as everyone loved her and missed her very much.


Miss Selby left the school a gift of money to help the children enjoy school.


The school was very thankful for all the hard work Miss Selby had done and wanted to remember her.



To remember Miss Selby, the school’s name was changed from Lawdale Infant School to Elizabeth Selby Infant School in 1990.


We remember Miss Selby every year for all her kindness and hard work and are very thankful that she was a head teacher at our school.